Exam Exchange for an Institution

Connect to a world-wide network of exam hosts

University Institution

As an education institution, Exam Exchange allows you to connect to a world-wide network of exam hosts to manage all of your distance and online exams in the cloud.

Having access to a worldwide network of examination hosts means you can offer  your distance students convenient and local exam venues more than ever  before.

Improve administration efficiencies and streamline your distance exam processes with Exam Exchange’s seamless integration with existing student record systems.

If you are a user of Databee’s Exams Manager, experience additional benefits as you watch the two systems work smoothly together.

Quickly and easily sign-up to start managing your distance exams using Exam Exchange’s global network now.

What Exam Exchange can do for you as an Institution

Easily locate exam hosts all over the world

Send detailed exam requests to hosts, including any exam modifications or conditions that are required

Benefit from a built-in correspondence feature which allows you to avoid time-consuming and often confusing emailing back and forth

View host acceptance and rejection of exam requests

Login and upload your student and exam details using an easy interface which allows you to avoid duplication of data entry

Receive real-time updates once exams have taken place, including receipt dates and student attendance information

Securely upload exam papers for Hosts to access

Enjoy real-time notification and visibility of host information including host capacity, availability and a list of their resources

Track the return of exam scripts

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