Exam Exchange - a new innovation in distance and online exam management

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Connecting institutions, hosts and students for distance and
online exams anywhere in the world

Who Exam Exchange works best for

Exam Exchange is a network of institutions and examination hosts designed to make scheduling, management and communication of distance and online exams easier and faster


Connect with Hosts across the globe to manage all of your distance and online examinations in the Cloud


Promote your exam hosting services and facilities to education institutions using Exam Exchange’s worldwide network


Experience the benefits of a centralised location for all of your exam information and receive exam reminders in real-time

Making examination time easier and more efficient for hosts, institutions, and students the world over

Easy to use interface

Login and upload your student & exam details easily and quickly on the interface

Real-time updates

Have instant real-time access to updates of exam modifications as they happen

Easy for students

A centralised system enables students to access exam information easily and quickly

Worldwide Hosts

Gain access to ao worldwide network of exam hosts waiting to work with you

Exam Transfers

Institutions can upload exam papers for Hosts to download for exam sessions

Set Reminders

The ability to set up exam reminders for students to ensure they don't miss it

Free trial invites

Our free trial gives hosts and institutions the opportunity to use system for a trial period

Exam Management

Track return of exam scripts and online acceptance or rejection of exam requests

Simple Signup

A simple signup process for all users gives access quickly and without frustration

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How Exam Exchange works

With Exam Exchange, learning institutions can connect to a worldwide network of exam hosts to manage all of their distance exams in the Cloud. See real-time updates on host information, including their availability, as well as real-time notifications once exams have taken place. Here's how it works:

Exam Exchange Information flow Process for host and Institution

How Exam Exchange can help you

Let's make exam management more efficient and enjoyable for all

As an Institution

Just a few of the benefits Exam Exchange provides for Institutions:

  • Easily locate exam hosts all over the world
  • Send detailed exam requests to hosts
  • View host acceptance/rejection of requests
  • Centralised correspondence to reduce email time
  • No more duplication of data entry
  • Instant receipt dates & attendance information
  • Secure emergency paper upload facility
  • Visibility of host capacity, availability & resources
  • Integrates with Databee Exams Manager

As a Host

A selection of the many benefits for exam hosts:

  • Visible to institutions all over the world
  • Receive exam requests electronically
  • Accept/reject exam requests online
  • Provide availability, resources & capacity easily
  • Real-time notification of exam modifications
  • Immediate visibility of exam conditions
  • No more exam & student details manual data entry
  • Easy to use and set up venue management
  • Invite institutions to trial the system at no cost

What our Clients Say

Incorporating Exams Manager into our business processes is the best move we’ve made. Being able to access all data in one product has streamlined and improved our exam management process. At all times Databee staff were responsive to feedback, they tailored the system to meet our requirements and worked collaboratively with our team. We are extremely happy with Exams Manager, the functionality it provides and the results it has delivered for our team and university.

Michelle Brereton Manager: Exams, Results & Scholarships University of South Australia

Databee was our product of choice as it covered the exam work cycle end-to-end and the product displayed a good understanding of the unique nature of exams. It was also user friendly with excellent interfaces, key requirements for any new system being installed at Charles Sturt. Databee really works and the customer care was second to none, they stay in touch, encourage feedback and respond quickly and effectively.

Sandra Martin Manager Operations Charles Sturt University

Databee’s Exams Manager System is very user-friendly and provides far more functionality than was initially expected. There have been extensive improvements and efficiencies across all areas of exam operations, enabling the provision of a much better service to our students and staff.

Teresa Charlton Manager, Student Administration The University of Queensland

Claim your free trial of Exam Exchange now

Experience it for yourself by trialing Exam Exchange with our free trial opportunity